" I’m a professional photographer specializing in underwater fashion, product and traditional advertising photography. On the projects I work with my professional team of people who are professionally engaged in production of high-quality advertising sessions. I work with modeling agencies, female makeup artists, hair stylists, clothing designers, professional retouchers and graphics. My own wellequipped photographic studio enables me to carry out any projects. As well as swimming pools suitable for every underwater production and a professional team to carry out such images and video underwater..."

- rafal makiela


We have a technical workplace for performing all subsea projects and implementing traditional advertising. So far our work with many commercial customers was a success. My photos have appeared in many newspapers and monthly magazines in the form of advertisements and editorials, as well as on many internet portals. My photography was used in advertising campaign on billboards for and light commercials across Slovenia and on the internet. We are ready to meet any challenge and idea of our client. I invite you to take advantage of our opportunities.



UAE Dubai

Rafal Makiela



Peter Murphy

+44 779 62 70 888



Underwater gears

Studio gears



Professional film production, professional recording studio



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