Hi, Mikaela!! I love your creative work. I was wondering how much do you charge for your photo shoots. Thanks in advance

Pip atkins

Hi Rafa, love your work. I am in Dubai June the 16th for two weeks and was wondering if you would be interested in some kind of collaboration? Here is a link to my work If not do you know any other photographers who would be interested thanks Pip.


hi RAfal your work is amazing, love it I have bought a camera housing Aquatech for canon eos 5d and would like to use my personal strobes (500j) CAn you tell me what sync cable do you use for using studio strobes ? (cable from camera housing to surface strobes) thanks a lot if you can answer me :-) french photographer

Hi Rafal, Stunning work. I am wondering how much you charge for a model portfolio shoot? I'm a professional dancer and fitness model looking to update my book and have some images shot out in Dubai whilst I am here. Looking forward to hearing back from you


I really love this work, you are my favorite. H_ow can we see "Underwater Art Nude"? I can't wait! ♥

Sally Delman

I love these captures how I feel with many aspects in my life...Thank you


Truly spectacular photography and the Underwater Series occupies a special place because of the way you have used your technical skills along with your unique creative imagination.

how can i save these images

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